Market Wanderings & The Red Dragonfruit 

22nd November 

The pockets of violence are getting worse as the political struggle intensifies. This morning there were reports of gunfire in nearby Kutkai. Again, this is quite a worrying situation to be so close to but where we are we are safe and that is a blessing. Hopefully the fighting won’t expand to where we are. 

All of the schools in Kutkai have closed now and the situation is becoming more difficult. I wander how much longer we will be able to stay here for without the resources of foodstuffs from Kutkai. The market amazingly still came by yesterday which was great as we were able to stock up on fresh fruit as well as having some BBQ food for lunch. I was surprised that they were here considering the local difficulties, but as they say ‘the show must go on’. 

When I was wandering around the market yesterday, a lady offered me a quarter of her red dragonfruit. I was confused at first by this random act of kindness but greatfully received it. Biting into that fruit was so amazing! So sweet, and tasty. I looked at her stall thinking that she may have been selling them herself but she wasn’t. Her friend across from her was, and I readily bought a couple to have as a treat during the week. After I bought them, I asked one of my students to say thank you to her although I think from the big smile of amazement and joy on my face she knew! When you think of all the negativity in the world, things like that really restore your faith in humanity and also inspire you to be the best you can be! To share, be kind and treat others with respect and generosity. 
With love,


X x X 


One response to “Market Wanderings & The Red Dragonfruit 

  1. Thinking of you. Lots of prayers you stay safe and have no problems leaving . Safe flights We’re at ALK airport about to board to LA


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