Exploring Kowloon – Hong Kong

5th November 

Being one of HK’s biggest & busiest temples, I decided to take a trip to visit Wong Tai Sin on the morning of my final day in HK.

Leaving my hostel, I wandered along the street and saw an elderly homeless man; something I hadn’t seen for the entire time I had been here. He was very skinny and had a catheter bag laid next to him. He didn’t seem very well to me and my heart went out to him. I put as much as I felt I could afford into the hat laid in front of him and said that I hoped he felt better soon. I have decided that if he is still sat there later then I will give him the remaining Hong Kong dollars I have before I leave for the airport.

Boarding the train at Jordan, I kept thinking about this man and wandered what exactly had made him so poorly. He could barely lift his head to look at me after I had donated to him. When I had been working at our local hospital, there were many people who were also that poorly. I think later on I will go and buy him some water too.

From Nathan Street in Kowloon, I got the MRT from Jordan to Mong Kok, then changed to go on the Kwun Tong line to Wong Tai Sin. Departing here, I went and explored Wong Tai Sin Temple, it was so beautiful but being the weekend it was incredibly busy! People everywhere, tourists and locals alike. 

Selfies taken at every opportunity, prayers being showered upon ancient monuments and the temples themselves. It was a place full of a hive of activity, people and passionate religion.

Shortly after, I took the MRT one stop up the way to a place called Diamond Hill where I found both the Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens. Both are so beautiful and tranquil and well worth a visit!

It was the perfect way to finish a final day in Hong Kong. After the rush of the big city, it was nice to take some time out to relax in these tranquil places within Kowloon.

Time to close the first chapter of my adventure away and nearly time to start the second!

With love,



x x x


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