Travelling to Pulau Ubin Island

It was time to explore a bit more of Singapore, this time, outside of the main city. With a recommendation from a friend of mine, I decided to head across to Pulau Ubin, an island situated off of the North Coast of Singapore between Singapore and Malaysia. Pulau Ubin is like going back in time and is known as the last true village of Singapore. Hopefully it will make for an interesting place to visit.
This was the first time I had used the MRT and is one of the easiest ways to get around the city. Drawing comparisons with the London Underground, the network of routes and speed of the transport far outweighs using taxis and the roads of Singapore. And at a tiny cost, this is probably the most cost efficient way to travel. My ticket cost only 2 dollars 40 cents, approximately £1.30 in English pounds! And that was to travel for about a half hour by train.

To get to Changi Point Ferry Terminal, I went to Esplanade Station and took the number 9 train from Platform A (circle line) to Paya Lebar CC9 and transferred over to the East West Line EW8 to Tanah Merah. From Tanah Merah you can catch the Number 2 bus to Changi Point Ferry Terminal across to Pulau Ubin. Don’t be alarmed at how long the bus takes, the stop for Changi Point terminal is 10.7km away and with all the stops, it can take quite a while to get there.

Soon enough you’ll find yourself at the ferry terminal at Changi Village. Walk down the stairs and you’ll find a group of people there waiting for the ferry. There are no specific timings for the ferry but once there are 12 people the ‘bumboat’ will leave.

Getting on the ferry and looking back to singapore, I had this feeling I get rather a lot. That feeling of a huge amount of happiness and thinking to myself ‘WOW! This is actually my job!!’ It’s crazy! In all the travel I have done and all the places I have visited there has always been a time when you have to return home and return to work until you can then afford the next adventure. I feel so incredibly lucky that in contrast this is actually my job!!

Looking around and seeing palm covered islands and beautiful golden sands, sailing yachts and high rises back on the coast, as well as rigs out on the distant horizon I felt hugely happy, even if the smell of fuel and the deafening droning from the tiny bumboat engine was enough to disturb anyone’s relaxing happy thoughts, I wouldn’t have exchanged where I was for anywhere else in the world.


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