Wales – Camping in Capel Curig & Climbing Snowdon 

At the end of March it was time for some UK adventures! The plan was the climb the three peaks. For those who aren’t familiar with which mountains that entails, they are; Snowdon (Wales), Ben Nevis (Scotland) and Scaffell Pike (England).
The adventure began on a blustery day in March… 28th March to be precise.

After a very blustery and wet nights sleep in our first location, Snowdonia National Park, we woke to a surprisingly still standing Eurohike twin capacity tent.   Due to my expert packing, we only had 7 pegs… I should have probably checked this before leaving home instead of throwing the tent in the back of the car haphazardly with the faith that all required parts would be inside. 

Due to the lack of pegs, the guy ropes were not able to be used. As the wind hammered against the tent pushing it sideways and the rain poured and poured, I could have sworn that it was going to collapse or blow over during the night! 

Snowdon had decided to turn from perfectly promising weather conditions to a less than pleasant torrential downpour.  

Arriving in Snowdonia the night before, in a tiny town called Capel Curig, only the blackness of the national park surrounded us as well as the odd twinkle of lights from the campsite. We drove up, found ourselves a nice spot in the field and set up camp. The tent went up surprisingly easy but the air bed made us laugh so much that I’m amazed we managed to inflate it at all! As we pressed on the pump a high pitched squeal echoed across the now silent and sleepy campsite. We couldn’t stop laughing! 
Snowdon Mountain
Snowdon has been said to be one of the easiest of the mountains to climb but being the tallest mountain in Wales standing at a height of 1087m it was still no mean feat. 
The weather was horrendous and as we climbed higher and higher the horizontal rain and incoming fog made the journey less than comfortable. But we weren’t going to give up. Despite feeling so cold and bracing the wind – especially the 87 mph winds we faced towards the summit, we weren’t going to give up. 
On reaching the summit I felt a huge sense of achievement. It was a shame that you could hardly see your hand infront of your face! But I was just happy that we had made it to the top! The wind was so strong that it was hard to stand up and we were surrounded by snow and ice which made the final stages of the climb quite difficult in places without clamp ons. But we did it!! 

On our decent, we were blessed with the fog starting to clear part way down so at least we had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful panoramic views. 
After our hike in the pouring rain to the summit of Snowdon at 1087m above sea level, we finally made our way back down towards civilisation. 
Before too long we reached the start of Pen y Pass. Time to strip my soaking wet clothing off and get the heated seats on and stick on some warm clothing! My body could not have felt any colder. A cup of tea was desperately needed and in due course we were chilling in Bwtys-y-Coed in a little bar called Y… Something-or-other!! Either way it was very Welsh and packed full of people dressed top to toe in 1920’s flapper dresses! 
After our tea and nachos were consumed we got in the car ready to go en route to Scotland although we didn’t get any further than Penrith as the sleep inducing mountain air finally got the better of us. 
Turning off of the M6 motorway we started following signs to Kendal and found a dark cosy layby. By this time it was midnight and finding a campsite, let alone putting up a tent was just not going to happen – time to put the back seats down and take advantage of having an estate car! 
Bundled into the back of the BMW we fell into a surprisingly comfortable sleep ready for the next days adventures….
With love,
Hayley xxx

4 responses to “Wales – Camping in Capel Curig & Climbing Snowdon 

  1. love the infographic comparing the three mountains! Very nice post as always 🙂 Looking forward to having your Speedbird land in SG!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Glenn! Thank you for your comment! Hopefully I will be able to find the time soon to climb Scaffell & Ben Nevis! So unfortunate how the weather deteriorated that time! Going to bid for Singapore / Sydney towards the end of the UK Summer so hopefully see you then for a catch up! ☺️


  2. I remember when I camped out at Snowdon, ended up with a dog sneaking into our tent in the middle of the night and eating all our food! Looks like we had slightly better weather than you did though.


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